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Need Mini Split Ductless system Air Conditioning Installation For 1 room , 2 rooms,or 3 rooms TODAY? Started the process yourself and now you are stuck? Need vacuum evacuation and pressurization etc services to complete the install correctly(without this causes pre mature failure and inevitable repair )? Call us for a Professional helping hand with extensive experience and air condition and Ventilation knowledge. Over 16 Years of Universal Technician Experience. We are do it yourself friendly. Call Today 310.697.2751.

About The Technicians: Highly Trained With Continual Newest Standards: Over 16 Years Experience
College Graduate
Certified Type Universal EPA Technician
Certified HVAC Technician Auto, Residential, Commercial
Certified Build It Green
Certified Energy Star
Certified CBPCA California Building Performance Contractor Assciation
Certified Energy Efficient Technician
Certified Sustainable Technician
Certified Green Professional

Dont know how the air conditioner Installation service process works and you are certainly ready for Air Conditioning installation Service NOW? Call Best Solution Techs Today and make an appointment. Though it is busy we confirm scheduled appointments within 15 Minutes. Call now…………….. 3106972751

Air Condition Repair….

Need a Mechanic For Commercial rooftop Air Conditioner?……Ofiice suddenly HOT??? ? The Air Condition Suddenly Blowing Warm Air and you Need the AC Fixed today? Residential …..House Apartment Townhouse Condo Home Air Conditioning Not Working Correct? Over 16 Years Experience Full Repair and Install Service:

Need Air Conditioner Un installed and or Re-installed at another Location?
Air Condition Repair and Refrigeration Repair 420 Friendly grow room Ventailiation, Mini Split Ductless Install and Repair Display Refrigerator Stopping Cooling? Call For Same Day Repair and Installation.
Mini Split Ductless Repair and Installer
Roof top Air Conditioner Repair
House Air Conditioning Repair
Condo Town House Apartment Air Conditioner Repair
Window Air Conditioner Repair Install
Commercial Package Air Condition Repair Installation

We started with repair initially and can pinpoint and complete from just about any step within your installation process……. Call to schedule an appointment today 3106972751 7 days a week, Weekend, Earlier morning appointments call ahead of time for dedicated appointed scheduling

Every make and model. No Job too small or too big…… Central, Mini Split Ductless System, Wall Heater Repair , PTAC package terminal AC (Hotel Motels Hospitals etc) Professional Window Air conditioner with “HEAT” pump Installation etc.

Service Calls Start 8am Sharp Every Morning. For Earlier Morning Required Appointments Prior Business Operational Traffic Hours. Call In Advance For Dedicated Time Preferences.

Mini Split Ductless Mini Split System: (Pricing Varies According Location, Pre-existing building condition, Zones, etc Call for your special application)
9000 Btu With Install ( 1 room mini split ductless
12000 Btu With Install
18000 Btu With Install starting
24000 Btu With Install starting
24000 Btu (Dual Zone) With Install starting
36000 Btu (Multiple Zone 9k,12k variations) With Install starting
Ask about our solar powered mini split ductless system units

12,000 BTU Single Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner
Availability: Free Ground Shipping (3-5) same day Deliveries

Is your thermostat not holding temperature?
Leaking Water?
Not Blowing cold air?
Is it running constantly?
Is your unit making noise?
Want to install new thermostat? Nest Ecobee Honeywell Emerson etc.

Air Conditioning Service, Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement. Cooling , Heating, AC, Ductwork Repair.

Did your air conditioner suddenly stop blowing air ? No power, nothing comes on when you turn on the the thermostat? Did your AC stop Blowing Cool Air? Do you need your mini split installed today? Need freon re cool re charge? Over 15 years of excellent air condition service and experience. Ductless Mini split installation same day usually. Call Best Solution Techs Pro for every air conditioning issue. Split, Package units, Thru the wall ac install and repair…… Is water leaking and you dont know where it is coming from need it fixed before it damages today? Started the installation process and require a professional hand? Call us we ll help you today with pressurization, evacuation , system vacuum, freon refrigerant repair r410a r22, brazing, recovery etc.We confirm appointments within 15 mins. Call and we are on the way 3106972751.

Need to have an installation completed? Refrigerant lines connected, addition of ductwork system to additional room(s)
Need to take down your old ac system today?
Need to relocate your mini split system from one location to another now?

Commercial building demolish refrigerant units require Disposal Refrigerant removal verification refrigerant recovery acquisition certificate. We can assist you. Call to make an appointment today….

A/C Commercial and Residential Repair and Maintenance!!
We offer Fast and Friendly Service
We accept Cash, Credit or Debit!!
We offer Same Day Service!!
Most Repairs completed in minutes!!

We have emergency air conditioner service…… for the affordable and competent solution. Free consultation and estimates. service call is waived with same day repair. Tho it is busy we do confirm appointments within 15 minutes for same day install, repair service. Call now and we are on the way fix your appliance today 3106972751.